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Everything You Need To Know

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Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO

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It’s difficult to run a small business. Many companies fail in their first year, and many more will not make it to the fifth year. Even well-established companies, however, will go out of business if they are unable to adjust to changing circumstances.

Marketing is difficult — digital marketing even more so.

Because of its black-box existence, SEO can be the most difficult form of marketing for your business. There is nothing that can compete with strong, organic search engine exposure to promote your small business when done correctly. Organic listings create trust with local buyers, and trust is the cornerstone of all successful business relationships.

On this page, we will look at why Small companies should use SEO as a marketing strategy. We’ll share what we’ve learned from working on hundreds of SEO ventures for small businesses. Our goal is to provide you with the information and power you need to make the best decisions possible when implementing an SEO strategy, whether you want to do some or all of the work yourself, hire an in-house SEO, or outsource the work to a Small Business SEO Agency like us.

Search engines and SEO will undoubtedly play a significant role in the future of your business. And the aim of this web page is to use our collective 100 years of SEO experience to assist you in making the best decisions possible when implementing SEO for your small business.

What Is SEO?

Is SEO a kind of market research? Keyword research? Is it creating a website that is perfectly optimised? Is it a case of copywriting? Is search engine optimisation (SEO) content marketing? Do you want to build authority and links? Is there a difference between SEO conversion rate optimisation and analytics? Is SEO helping you convey a positive and trustworthy image to potential customers? Is SEO usability and UX? Is SEO mobile optimisation?

The answer is a resounding YES, to all of the above questions. There’s a lot more to SEO, it’s a complex multi-layered, and dynamic discipline. There are various forms of SEO, as well as a variety of factors that can affect the SEO. An experienced SEO consultant will assist you in determining the type of SEO that is most beneficial to your business. The sector you’re in, the geography you work in, and your SEO strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges will all play a significant role.

Consider that a search engine is nothing more than a referral tool, one that helps users find the best answers to their queries. To truly thrive in this search system, your small business must do everything possible to be the best result. Be determined to have whatever information your potential customers need to make a decision. This also has the added advantage of helping you turn more website visitors into customers, so it’s a good all-around strategy.

The following are the key SEO considerations for small businesses:

Website – A well-structured, fast, mobile-friendly website is essential.
Content –  Your content should help demonstrate why a customer should choose you.
Content marketing – Informational blog content can put you in front of a wider audience.
On-page – Basic optimisation is important so think page titles and meta descriptions.
Local SEO – Local businesses need to consider local SEO best practices.
Authority building – Links are still highly correlated with strong search engine results.
Credibility –  Case studies, portfolios, reviews, and testimonials help you clinch the deal.

SEO can be challenging. So understanding your current situation and marketplace is key to making the right decisions. And, happily, for smaller companies, we can strip away much of the complexity, and the conversation ends up being about content, links, and website design.


Is Small Business SEO right for you?

Search engines are now a popular way for people to find goods and services. As a result, search (SEO) is a perfect way to get in front of potential customers in the vast majority of cases. This isn’t to suggest that it’s the right marketing approach for every business at any given time.

The following should be considered:

Budget – You may not have the budget to compete with established competitors.
Speed – SEO can take a long time to deliver results, especially in competitive markets.
Competition from ads – Ads now occupy a lot of screen space.
Big competitors – Some search terms are dominated by titans, and it can be hard to compete.

Although organic search visibility is often desirable, it should not be relied on exclusively, especially if you need results quickly and have a long way to go. Other approaches, such as PPC ads, will usually produce quick results while you SEO builds momentum.

In general, some sort of SEO is a good fit for most businesses, but the real question is whether SEO is right now a good fit for your needs. To decide when this useful strategy should be implemented, consider your budget, speed, and starting position.

In certain instances, a combination PPC and SEO strategy can yield the best results. PPC provides fast results at a price, and as your organic visibility grows, you should consider reducing your paid search marketing efforts.

So, while SEO may not help you rank quickly, the sooner you begin investing in your SEO strategy, the sooner you will reap the benefits of this widely used marketing channel.


Can You Do SEO Yourself?

Yes, is the simple answer. At the very least, some of it. If you’ve been running a website for a while, you’re probably still doing some SEO. A specialist, on the other hand, can do a better job and produce better results faster. Similarly, you may be better off spending your time doing what you do and hiring an SEO company to do provide the service.

There are certainly some good tools out there if you want to give it a shot, and we suggest that all small business owners take a look at them. You’ll be a better-informed buyer even though you just do the reading and don’t try to do any SEO yourself.

Here is an SEO beginners guide that is well worth your time:

Moz Beginners Guide to SEO

The main takeaway is that while certain aspects of SEO can be done on your own, a professional consultant or organisation can have better results in less time.

Ignite Your Growth With
Small Business SEO

Leverage Pure Marketing’s small business marketing solutions to grow your customer base.
Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Pure Marketing

Small Business SEO

Pure Marketing Small Business SEO Company - SERPS - Icon

The #1 Spot on Google SERP’s

You have been working hard to get your small company to where it is, so let’s make sure prospective customers find you on Google quickly and instantly.

Small Business SEO

Pure Marketing Small Business SEO Company - CUSTOMERS - Icon

Get More Customers

It is awesome to have increased exposure on the internet, but it is the relationships that really matter. We count success in terms of conversions and loyalty, of our long term customers.

Small Business SEO

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Boost Your Profits

Like setting up your small company, it takes effort to develop your web presence and customers who keep coming back for more. We admit that investing in good SEO strategies takes time and money, but give it 6 months and you will be like most of our Pure Marketing clients who have stayed with us for years.

Small Business SEO

Pure Marketing Small Business SEO Company - PARTNERS- Icon

Your Thought Partner

By implementing SEO, we do more than just improve your ROI; we are a partner who is committed to your personal development and we count our accomplishments as your achievements. We also want to hear from you and take seriously your ideas/dreams/goals. Since we know the secret to creativity and growth is open communication.

Small Business SEO

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Analytics at Your Fingertips

We are proud to provide you with thoughtful monthly reports that are right at your fingertips with specific KPIs, but you also have access to our software interface with information about your campaigns and can call Pure Marketing SEO experts for updates at any time.

Small Business SEO

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We’re Right in Your Neighbourhood

If your key demographic target is right in your immediate neighbourhood, then it makes sense to go with an SEO company that knows the available community, issues, and solutions to help your audience connect. Fortunately, Pure Marketing is a small SEO company run by professionals who understand SEO… and how local customers can be reached.

Small Business SEO

06, Pure Marketing Small Business Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimisation
for Small Businesses

No matter what sector you work in, there is a lot of competition in your field, whether you are a plumber or a retail clothing shop. And because your competitors are competing for the same market share, it’s necessary to stay ahead of technology and the latest marketing practices.

In other words, if you are ready to bring in new customers, or need to engage them, or start making bigger profits, then investing in a website and promoting it through search engines cannot be ignored.

Strategy to Bring in Customers

Our comprehensive small business SEO strategies make sure those potential customers find your website when they are actively searching for the product or service in your area that helps solve their problem.

According to Search Engine Watch, 85 Percent of retailers recognised that investing in SEO and paid search was the most effective tactic for bringing in new customers. This further proves that bringing in a reputable company that specialises in all things digital marketing like Pure Small Business SEO Services is a viable consideration.

Small Business SEO

Plastic Surgeon Marketing Number One Google

Small Business SEO

07, Pure Marketing Small Business Marketing Agency

Attract New Customers
to Your Small Business

Local independently owned and operated businesses that have fewer than 50 employees want the same thing that big corporations do, they want to share with everyone who is interested what makes them different from their competitors in terms of the quality and value of their product or service.

But there are only so many customers you can attract through traditional advertising. In the current era, everyone is going online to read reviews and find answers on what they are specifically looking for. Therefore, if you are ready to grow your business and utilise an avenue that has limitless potential, then Pure Marketing’s dedicated team of small business SEO experts can help you tap into that.

Contact us today to book a free consultation.

Digital Marketing and SEO
For Small Businesses

It’s great that you have a website (but if you don’t then we can help with that, too), but the sole reason to have it is to attract internet traffic. That’s when it’s time to back up the time and effort you put into building a website with SEO tactics to help drive new customers there. Recently, Statista found that 63.4 Percent of website traffic starts with the Google search engine, and Pure Marketing’s Small Business SEO knows exactly what it takes to give you a presence amongst the billions of online searches that go on daily.

Pure Marketing’s small business SEO services team is committed to designing customised SEO, PPC, and social strategies that drive results, and new customers, to your small business no matter what it is.

Small Business SEO

08, Pure Marketing Small Business Marketing Agency

How to choose an Small Business SEO Expert

This is a difficult task that will require some planning on your part. Is the freelancer or agency well-known and has a lot of positive feedback? Investigate and don’t take something at face value. What is the name of the company’s owner? What are the names of the SEO consultants? Are they well-known and well-respected in their field?

The following questions will serve as a good starting point for a conversation with potential SEO agencies. Understanding these questions and possible solutions will undoubtedly help you become a more informed customer, ensuring that your SEO agency becomes a hidden tool rather than a wooden leg!

How will you improve our
Small Business SEO?

This is a purposefully open-ended topic. You’re attempting to get a sense of the SEO firm’s overall strategy. Technical audits and corrections, on-page optimization, local SEO, page speed optimization, mobile optimization, content optimization, keyword analysis, and most likely some kind of link and authority building are all things we’d like to see mentioned.

What type of SEO work do you specialise in?

There are a lot of moving parts in SEO. Content that is technical, local, national, and organic. Authority and links. Many smaller agencies specialise in small parts, so make sure to ask this question to ensure that this agency is a good match for your needs.

What specific jobs will you work on each month?

Our agency laying out a three-month plan that includes technical audits and corrections, on-page optimization, content creation, content optimisation, and link building.

What strategies do you use to build
links and authority for a site?

This is a crucial question. You should be looking for someone who knows how the internet and page rank work. We want natural connections. To build links to a piece of content, we typically want to see some kind of content produced (or promoted). Guest posts are a good way to get your name out there. Even some digital public relations.

Start running, and don’t look back if they mention link farms, private blog networks (PBNs), dropped domains, or anything else like that. You want to know if the company can ensure that all connections are compliant with Google’s guidelines (i.e., no link schemes).

Do you adhere to all of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

Following on from link schemes, you should ask about Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Again, this shows you are an informed buyer, and many a low-quality company will run a mile when you ask this question (which is exactly what you want).

Can you provide case studies or
examples of similar companies you have helped?

It is often beneficial to request some examples of similar companies that the business has helped. You want an example of how the agency took someone (ideally in a similar industry to yours) from the position you are in now to a position of strength.

What metrics do you measure to track progress?

You’ll need to know which metrics the company will use to track success. Keyword rankings are the baseline here, but ideally, we want to see a more robust set of SEO KPIs. For small business SEO, you likely can’t expect too much, but I am fond of total organic search traffic — the total number of pages receiving organic search traffic.

Do You Have Minimum Term Contracts?

You certainly don’t want long contracts for unproven providers. If there are contracts, then you want a get-out clause after three months, when you will have a better measure of the agency.

How & what will you report to us each month?

The standard of reporting will be influenced by the budget, but you’ll want updates on the visibility of tracked keywords, changes in search results for tracked keywords, work completed (including all links), and work scheduled for the following month.

How often do you review progress?

Here we want to know what will be reviewed, and when. After six months with a good provider, you will likely be in a far improved position. Hence, you want to know how the strategy will change. You should be looking for either three-monthly or six-monthly reviews here.

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