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Connect with Patients in their time of need by working with
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Connect with Patients in their time of need

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Rehab Marketing Agency

Rehab Marketing Agency

Rehab Marketing Agency

Rehab Marketing SEO

Rehab Marketing Agency

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Rehab Marketing Agency

Rehab Social Media Marketing

Rehab Marketing Agency

Rehab Website Design

Rehab Marketing Agency

Rehab Reputation Management

Rehab Marketing Agency

3.5 Million

UK adults battle a substance abuse disorder each year.

Rehab Marketing Agency

15 Thousand

A & E visits caused by drug abuse, according
to the addiction centre (AC).

Rehab Marketing Agency


Google searches occur monthly for Rehab & Recovery.

Rehab Marketing Agency

07, Pure Marketing Rehab Marketing SQ

Find And Engage New Patients For Your
Addiction Treatment Center

Pure Marketings medical marketing solutions focus on getting the right patients into your facility. Prospective patients need to understand the value of the service you provide and trust you’re experienced to help them conquer their addictions.
You need to set yourself apart from other addiction treatment centers by highlighting your quality of service, program features, and reputation.

Rehab Marketing And SEO For Addiction Treatment Centers

People rely on the internet to find medical information and treatment options. At Pure Marketing, our digital strategy will work to expand your website presence. We’ll drive new patients to your facility and help grow your rehabilitation center.

Here are a few ways we can help your
healthcare company to grow

Rehab Marketing Agency

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Attract Patients

Pure Marketing Group can establish
strategies for attracting new patients

Rehab Marketing Agency

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Patient Engagement

Promote better patient engagement through
the use of continued healthcare digital marketing

Rehab Marketing Agency

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness through utilising healthcare
digital marketing including social media and pay per click

Rehab Marketing Agency

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Reputation Management

We all know you cannot please every patient Pure
Marketing provides positive reputation management

Rehab Marketing Agency

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing Increase

By introducing partnering programmes Pure
Marketing can increase Clinician referrals

Rehab Marketing Agency

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing Community

Pure Marketing Group can help you establish
your clinic as a community clinical leader

Igniting Your Growth With Pure’s
Rehab Marketing Agency

Leverage Pure’s medical marketing solutions to grow your
Rehab Center patient base.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO –

150,000 Google searches occur for Drug Rehab each year across Europe. In addition, nearly 35,000 Google searches occur yearly for Addiction Treatment.

SEO for your Addiction Treatment centre will help your facility be found online. Pure Marketing’s strategic approach to search engine optimisation will grow your website’s search rankings for targeted keywords and markets. We also focus on conversion optimisation, which means we don’t just work to drive traffic to your site but convert leads.

Rehab Marketing Agency

Plastic Surgeon Marketing SEO

Rehab Marketing Agency

Plastic Surgeon Marketing PPC

Paid Search –

Google AdWords and other paid search programs puts your ads top of page for people searching online for what you do.

With bid prices starting as low as only a few dollars per click, Paid Search can often be a very cost-effective way to drive leads./span>

Our advert strategy includes conversion optimisation, custom landing pages if required, and graphic adverts. Geo-modifiers are used to control who sees your PPC adverts in order to cost-effectively manage your budget./span>

Social Media Marketing –

Pure Marketing offers award-winning social media management.
Paid social allows you to advertise your rehab or addiction treatment center on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Adverts can be set-up to target users based on details such as location, age, interests, and more. Think of a Social advert as a digital billboard displaying to your target audience online.

Rehab Marketing Agency

Plastic Surgeon Marketing Social Media Marketing

Rehab Marketing Agency

Plastic Surgeon Marketing Website Design

Website Design –

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction is a rising epidemic. It’s estimated that the rate of people who die every day from a drug overdose has tripled in the past 20 years.

Your treatment center is saving lives, and having an optimised website is essential for being found online. At Pure Marketing, we’re experienced with designing custom websites for the healthcare industry.

Reputation Management –

When it comes to selecting a treatment program, many people rely on online reviews to determine what place will be the best fit for them.

Its important patrons and their loved ones trust you and are confident in the quality treatment program you provide.

Rehab Marketing Agency

Plastic Surgeon Marketing Reputation Management

There’s no denying that addiction is a health scourge that currently plagues Europe. According to a survey by Statista on Drug Use and Health, 360 million people (aged between 15 & 64) have battled substance abuse in 2014. In that same year, 1 in every 4 adults has struggled with both alcohol and drug use disorders simultaneously.

At Pure Marketing, we understand that addiction treatment marketing is a unique industry when compared to other digital marketing markets. We understand that rehab marketing isn’t just about making a profit, the main purpose is to get the word out about your program and connect with people who need your life-saving services, touch as many lives as possible. To find out more about how we can help grow your rehab center, please feel free to get in touch.

However, when people make the decision to stop suffering and change their habits to better their lives, they only want to go to addiction treatment centers that they trust, and the best ones in their area. It’s also likely that you are not the only rehab center that specialises in addiction programs. So, what do people find when they Google drug and alcohol addiction on the internet?

Partnering with a renowned rehab SEO management agency like us gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors by catapulting your credibility and proven success record to the top of the search engine results.

Our comprehensive rehab SEO strategies make sure that patients get the help they need, and you get more booked appointments (leading to increased revenue) by gently leading people to your website over your competitors. That’s what makes SEO so powerful and an essential component of digital marketing that no business can afford to overlook.

Rehab Marketing Agency

There are many factors to rehab marketing and knowing some key elements will help your facility save thousands of pounds in marketing and get more admissions.

Rehab Marketing SEO Is a Must –

Search engine optimization or SEO is still the top rehab marketing strategy and online marketing in general. It’s safe to say that if you’re not doing SEO for your digital marketing campaign, you’re doing it wrong. SEO is the total sum of tactics and strategies you execute to ensure your rehab facility shows up high in search engine rankings for certain keywords.

Basically, you want to rank high in Google and be on the first page, by doing it organically. This is important because 75% of online users never scroll past the first page of search engines.

While it’s never a bad idea to optimise for other search engines, the majority of your SEO efforts should focus on Google because it has the lion share of the search engine market. Optimising for higher search rankings will not only allow you to get more traffic but it’s more cost-effective as well. SEO is a long-term strategy that could provide beneficial results for months and even years down the line.
However, SEO is also a long-term process that needs constant attention from your marketers.

Content is Huge in Rehab Marketing –

When it comes to rehab advertising strategies, you can’t afford to overlook content marketing. Although you can’t slip medications through online chat or rent your beds digitally, you can provide your would-be admissions with high-quality and relevant content. In the same vein, you can publish strong content so prospective patients can find your website easily.

With a quality writer, you can put out compelling and useful content that will establish your facility as a worthwhile resource. The simplest way to accomplish this is to have a blog section on your website. However, you have to ensure that your blog is frequently updated. Some topics that you can write about are:

– Substance abuse patterns
– Emerging trends in addiction research
– Tools and methodologies to help someone who’s struggling
– What can you expect when you register in a rehab center
– Unique programs and therapies offered by your center
– And many more

There are limitless topics that you can cover about addiction rehabilitation and treatments. The point is to create informative and useful content that will amplify your brand’s online presence. Of course, you’ll optimise your content for relevant keywords for higher ranking and more traffic. Businesses with blogs have 55% more visitors than companies that don’t have one.

Social Media Marketing to Build Your Brand –

Everyone is on social media these days and that includes the people that could use your rehabilitation services. An average person spends about 5 hours a day online and 2 of those are spent on social media networks. Regardless of what you think of social media, its power to connect with humans is undeniable. If your facility has little to no social media presence, there’s no better time to get started than now.

When it comes to rehab facilities, building a community is the most important, social media shines at this. When you have a social page, you earn likes, gain followers, and your content is easily shared across platforms. Of course, it’s in your best interest to keep your followers satisfied and engaged. Also, social media is a great way to stay in touch with your patients.

Your social media accounts can be used to drive traffic to your site by linking Q& As, blog articles, and other resources. When your content is shared, it can potentially reach an even wider audience. People who are looking for help with their addiction may even find your Facebook or Twitter during their research.

Through social media, you can build a community that helps in growing your overall brand.

Use PPC for Attracting New Leads –

We mentioned earlier that organic traffic is the way to go for digital marketing. However, this doesn’t mean that you should overlook the potential of paid search. Pay-per-click or PPC is the fastest and most targeted marketing strategy that your rehab facility can use. This takes care of the struggles that most rehab marketing campaigns have, reaching a relevant audience and generate high-quality leads.

With PPC advertising, you bid for your targeted keywords which will determine your position in the paid search rankings. If you bid on a keyword like “drug addiction help” and someone searches for it, then your website will appear at the very top of the organic search results. Of course, numerous factors can affect your ranking and some keywords can be very competitive and expensive.

PPC works because you’re targeting users who are already actively searching for the services and treatments you provide. Furthermore, the average PPC conversion rate across all industries is about 3.75% for search networks and about 0.77% for display networks. There are numerous ways to increase conversion rate such as creating better landing pages, writing strong ad copy, improving your advert quality score, and more.

Maximize ROI with Conversion Rate Optimisation –

The ultimate goal of your company’s marketing campaign is to convert website visitors into patients. In this case, conversion rate optimisation is a strategy you should use. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of collecting and analysing data to enable improvements that affect conversion rates. Basically, these are the optimisation steps you take to improve your site’s ability to convert.

There are many ways to improve your rehab’s conversion rates. Perhaps the most common CRO step is to test your landing pages. A landing page is the front door of your website. Many digital marketers conduct A/B testing to evaluate which two versions of your landing page perform better with visitors. The difference between the two pages are elements like headlines, colour scheme, images, and more.

For rehab treatment centres, your key conversion points should always be front and centre to your prospective patients. Conversion points are typically the following:

– Live chats

– “Contact Us” form submissions

– Inbound phone calls

– Short form submissions

Part of your CRO strategy should be to add call-to-action points in your website. Furthermore, you might also want to redesign your website to focus on conversions through your website.

Rehab Marketing

Is your website working as intended, helping your Rehab clinic grow? When a potential patient searches the internet for the procedures and services you provide, do you show up? Does it help you get new patients? Or maybe you’re having little to no traffic on your Rehab website and you’re tired of waiting for the phone to ring?

If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, It’s time to stop waiting for patients to find you and work with Pure, the Rehab Marketing Agency.

We stand by the power of innovative ideas and proven marketing strategies at Pure Marketing that will help your Rehab Clinic expand. As one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies, Pure Marketing is on track because we believe in data-driven results. Pure Marketing also uses a proprietary monitoring tool to assist Counsellors to grow their practice.

Do I really need an Rehab Marketing Agency?

If you think you could use more patients but still focus on conventional approaches, then it’s time for your Rehab clinic to embrace digital marketing. To help expand your clinic, let’s take a look at the advantages of Rehab marketing.

Rehab Marketing Agency
Deliver Quicker Results

Rehab marketing in today’s world is a multi-channel, multi-pronged approach. It’s better to reach potential patients using as many forms of media and adverts as possible.

Traditional marketing strategies such as radio, television, and printing will help raise awareness of your clinic. However, when just a very few people are actually searching for an Counsellor, you’re wasting money.

Basically, instead of attracting new patients, you’re paying for enhanced brand recognition (not necessarily a negative thing). Whereas, you’re paying just enough to target one user at a time if you use a digital marketing tool like PPC (Pay Per Click). For example, you are targeting users who are likely to become patients if you bid on phrases such as “Counsellor near me”. Rehab marketing brings in faster sales compared to conventional marketing.

When it counts, Rehab Marketing targets patients

Traditional offline marketing is an umbrella tactic that has little to no relevance or targeting. One of conventional advertising’s most noticeable drawbacks is that you can’t tailor your message for your intended targets. As a result, you can reach out to individuals who are not patients and are not currently searching for a Counsellors.

Traditional marketing strategies do not allow you the flexibility to tailor your message depending on your target audience.

Alternatively, a good rehab marketing agency enables you to target potential future as well as former patients. Here are some of the few Rehab marketing strategies for reaching potential patients when it matters:

1, Target users who are actively looking for Counsellors in your area, using PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

2, Facebook Ads can also reach potential patients within your local area.

3, Social media, email, and SMS marketing to inform patients about new services or reminding them about their appointment.

4, Social media can also be used to share useful high-quality content about Rehab health and project yourself as an expert.

These are just some of the ways that digital marketing strategies can be used to grow your Rehab practice and acquire new patients.

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Rehab Marketing Agency

Rehab Marketing Agency

Rehab Marketing Agency

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Rehab Marketing Agency

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Rehab Marketing Agency

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Rehab Marketing Agency

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