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Pure Marketing - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Engaging Patients

Attract & Retain Patients
Whilst Reducing Costs

Many medical practices are struggling to attract and retain patients. Why is that? Let’s face it, medical practitioners are not marketing experts or they don’t have a dedicated staff to attract, convert, and retain patients. You can only rely so much on word of mouth.

If you want to grow your practice and receive more patients, you need a sound digital marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing methods like TV, radio, and print are out. Digital marketing is quantifiable and deliberate, there’s simply no room for guesswork. For a digital marketing plan that brings real results, you should consider partnering with a medical practice marketing agency.

Pure Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that has helped many healthcare organisations and medical practices all over the world. With Pure’s brand of medical marketing, we’ll improve your online presence, improve your conversions, attract new patients, grow your revenues, and more.

Here are a few ways we can help your
healthcare company to grow

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Attract Patients

Pure Marketing Group can establish
strategies for attracting new patients

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Patient Engagement

Promote better patient engagement through
the use of continued healthcare digital marketing

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness through utilising healthcare
digital marketing including social media and pay per click

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Reputation Management

We all know you cannot please every patient Pure
Marketing provides positive reputation management

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing Increase

By introducing partnering programmes Pure
Marketing can increase Clinician referrals

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing Community

Pure Marketing Group can help you establish
your clinic as a community clinical leader

Our Areas Of Expertise

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Private Consultants Marketing

Private Consultants Marketing Agency

Private Consultants Marketing

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Signs Your Private Consultants Marketing
Strategy Isn’t Performing

The digital marketing space continues to grow and evolve, and it’s getting more competitive than ever.
When was the last time you’ve sat down and examined your healthcare digital marketing strategy?
Here are some of the signs that you may encounter if your healthcare digital marketing isn’t working.
With a stronger online presence, your hospital, practice or clinic has greater chances to attract
patients who are looking for your services online.

Increase Your Patient Base –

Perhaps the main reason why medical practices should get into digital marketing is to increase their patient base. Digital marketing gives you that much-needed competitive edge over your competitors and a platform to attract new patients.

Healthcare marketing is about informing and educating your patient base. A healthy digital marketing campaign will help you capture leads and patient information that will enable you to create remarketing campaigns to stay in front of your potential and current patients. Digital marketing is also a highly targeted form of advertising which leads to an increased patient base since you can target the audience that is more likely to convert.

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Marketing Strategy

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Qualified Leads

Focus on Relationship Building –

Whether your marketing goal is to get new patients or retain them, one aspect that you can’t ignore is personalisation. Private Consultants Marketing allows you to acquire Patient information and even consumer/behavior information found in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With this wealth of information, your Clinic can create marketing messaging that’s highly relevant to your preferred audience.

Ultimately, you want your practice to become a trusted care resource and a reliable partner on the patients’ healthcare journey. Digital marketing allows you to create a personalised, actionable, and timely marketing message.

Become Authoritative Leaders –

When searching for healthcare services, patients are more likely to search for their options before scheduling an appointment. After all, patients are more comfortable with practitioners that they know and can demonstrate they know what they are doing.

A big part of a sound digital marketing strategy is content marketing. Online content can range from blog articles to infographics to videos. In the world of medical marketing, video marketing is becoming very popular when it comes to educating patients. Relevant content can help build your brand and increase your search engine rankings.

With the right approach, you can project your practice as the leading authority by featuring physicians and providers, highlighting treatments and services, and providing useful information to Patients.

Provide the Best User Experience –

Your website offers a first impression of your medical practice to your potential Patients. A poorly made website that doesn’t show relevant information doesn’t exactly inspire a good first impression – you can forget about securing an appointment as well.

Sound digital marketing encourages the best user experience. This means that your website must provide the best experience possible for your visitors. You want people to stay on your medical website for as long as possible, reducing bounce rates and increasing your authority on search engines, so you can serve them your marketing message and hopefully convert them to a paying Patient.

A healthcare website should be visually appealing, have a good structure and navigation and filled with relevant content to engage the user. Potential patients who can dive through your site and find important information are more likely to visit your practice.

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Update

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Ranking your website

Measure Your Success –

The main problem with traditional marketing is they’re difficult to measure. As a result, you just end up throwing more money into advertising and without a concrete idea if your campaign is working or not – of even if your visits are a result of your TV or print ad.

Digital marketing is quantifiable and measurable. If implemented correctly, everything about your campaign is tangible and quantifiable. With the right tools, lead attribution becomes possible which means that you can monitor which touchpoints and conversion funnels can actually be credited for conversions and sales. Based on the data and results, you can make an informed decision.

Getting your data house in order is something a private consultant marketing agency can help you with. Therefore, you have the means to measure your success and identify potential issues with the campaign.

How to choose a
Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

So you’ve decided to partner with a healthcare digital marketing agency but not sure where to start.
Choosing a digital marketing agency is never easy so here are several key areas to help you make the right choice.

Experienced in Healthcare Marketing

Not all industries are created equal, and that applies to how you market each of them as well. In particular, medical marketing is certainly a different beast. Therefore, you can’t just partner with an agency and call it a day. You need to work with a company that’s actually familiar with the healthcare sector. Even though healthcare spending continues to increase, it’s a very saturated market with conservative consumers.

An agency with experience in medical marketing is familiar with the issues that medical practitioners struggle with. Consequently, the agency can create a marketing plan that addresses such issues.

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Choosing a Marketing Agency

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Patient Experience

Pure Knows How to Build Trust and Credibility

Credibility and trust are premium resources for medical practitioners and healthcare providers. A reputable agency like Pure Marketing can develop a strategy to build your online reputation. For starters, they can employ a content marketing strategy that involves publishing high-quality articles about health-related topics. With content marketing, you’re projecting your brand as the authority in certain healthcare topics.

Plus, our agency can provide a solid reputation management strategy as well. This is crucial if you’re dealing with things like a malpractice lawsuit, unfavourable reviews, and negative press coverage.

Understands Your Patient Experience

As mentioned previously, the current healthcare industry is very consumer-dependent. For just about every healthcare workflow, consumers are always central to the patient-customer interaction. A medical provider should aim to establish trust with customers by offering a unified healthcare experience.

An agency that understands the importance of the patient experience will help you feel in control of your online presence. For example, the agency can ensure that there’s no disconnect between the real-life patient experience and your online image. Also, a team of experts will know how to present your practice, clinic, or facility to potential patients.

Delivering A Better Return On Your Investment

Marketing can be a significant investment and it’s only natural that you want to get the most out of your money. Of course, you want to work with an agency that can bring you real results. Even though some digital marketing strategies (SEO, content marketing) take a long time before yielding results, you can rest assure that your campaign continues to deliver tangible improvements for your practice.

So when you’re looking for an advertising agency, ask them how are they going to help you achieve your goals. The best digital marketing agency should always have a solid plan and avoid making lofty promises. On top of that, ensure that the agency has a system in place for monitoring and reporting important metrics like your Return On Investment ROI.

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Return On Investment

Why partner with Pure’s
Private Consultants Marketing Agency

When medical practitioners choose Pure, they don’t just receive effective marketing strategies and fresh creatives, they get the results that they want.
Here are some ways Pure Marketing’s Private Consultants Marketing can help grow your practice:

Full Site Audit

Pure Marketing will conduct a full audit of both your website and existing marketing strategies. We’ll take a look at various metrics like traffic volume, conversion rates, SEO performance, and more. This allows us to create a marketing strategy that’s right for your practise.

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Audit

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Doctors Search Engine Optimisation

A Website That Converts Patients

Need a beautiful yet functioning website that best reflects your brand? Our team of web designers will be more than happy to work their magic and give you a website that you can be proud of.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Campaign Management

SEO is the cornerstone of a healthy medical marketing campaign. Pure know that SEO is far from easy. We will not only develop an SEO plan for your practice, we’ll manage it for you as well.

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Performance

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click PPC Management

Paid search is excellent if you want quick results and conversions for your practice. We can make PPC work for you in platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube and more.

Social Media Marketing

Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are great places to engage and influence your Patients. Our team of social media experts will manage and optimise your social media accounts to ensure that you’re reaching and engaging with the right audience that can convert into paying Patients.

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Pay Per Click Marketing

Private Consultants Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Negative reviews and a bad reputation can kill your clinic. Pure Marketing knows the effects and impact of brand reputation on building a healthcare practice. Let us boost your reputation and deal with negative exposure, maintaining trust with your patients.