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A step-by-step overview to
our digital marketing agency onboarding process.

What to expect when instructing our marketing agency

It can seem complicated and daunting when you are considering switching to a new digital marketing agency. Throughout the process, what should you expect from your new agency? What does your company need to bring to the table to achieve a smooth transition? What will happen to your existing campaigns, conversion rates, and rankings?

All of these are question we get asked when a new client joins us.

We understand that you don’t want your companies marketing to go in the wrong direction and we totally understand your apprehension. Having been through the process time-and-again, we have decided to produce a step-by-step guide to navigate you through our onboarding process.

Whether you’re a new start-up business with no experience of marketing, or, relinquishing an old marketing agency that is not delivering a satisfactory service, our guide will give you all you need to know about what to expect, what to avoid, and what perceived unpleasantries of high-effort onboarding processes you can finally put to rest.

We guarantee it’s not that bad (at least it doesn’t have to be).

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What is our agency onboarding flow process?

Disclaimer alert: the expectations, timelines, and results of any agency onboarding process will differ. Every marketing team and business is different. You may have elaborate campaigns running while others could be starting at square one. That being said, knowing each aspect of onboarding, our company will help the two parties move as quickly as possible through each phase.

So, we have simplified things by breaking it down into a 90-day timeframe. After you’ve reviewed your proposals, selected your new agency, and signed a contract, here’s what you should expect during a typical 90-day agency onboarding.

instructing pure marketing group

How you can move things along

Both the client and the digital marketing agency need to take responsibility for the onboarding process to be successful. Many clients we work with ask us, What can we do to make sure the onboarding process runs smoothly at our end?

That is an excellent question!

When Instructing Pure Marketing Group, We will provide you with a detailed checklist of items to review and complete. All of the items on the checklist are typically connected to one of the essential steps in the process of onboarding.

We outline what happens at every step in the next section.

instructing pure marketing group

Step One
The Initial Meeting

Hi, It’s a pleasure to (virtually) meet you.

Following instructing Pure Marketing Group, our first web-based video conference is an opportunity for all of the main stakeholders on either side of the table to get acquainted with who they are going to be working with and set goals and expectations. In the onboarding process, it is also a good time for the agency to set out each step, answer questions, and lay the groundwork for the next step so that everyone is aware of what is going to happen and when.

instructing pure marketing group

Step Two
Client Data Collection

We will be extremely thorough, we would want to get as much information as possible about your existing marketing strategy, dynamics of the team, priorities, goals, and any significant documentation that may be of use.

The questionnaire helps get the ball rolling, the more time and attention you invest in it, the faster your new marketing team will be able to deliver value.

instructing pure marketing group

Step Three
Auditing the current
processes, campaigns, and platforms

It sounds terrifying, but it really isn’t. This is the part where we take a deep dive into what the new marketing campaign involves. We’re going to investigate your marketing infrastructure, APIs, internal systems, and marketing channel mix. We will also take a close look at the efficiency of your current campaigns.

This is a critical step, because not only is it an opportunity to see what you have and what works, but what you don’t have yet and what you need to produce results. We’ll provide you with feedback for your current campaigns as soon as the audit is complete. We will also assume control of them and ensure that during the onboarding process they continue to produce a constant flow of leads.

instructing pure marketing group

Step Four
The Strategy Session

This is when we lock ourselves in a room for a few days and really get to delve into the data. The purpose of analysis and strategy building is not just to define the quantifiable metrics you want to accomplish (something that is REALLY important to us), but also to start strategising, precisely, on how we are going to achieve the desired results.

Strategy session outcomes

By day 30 (sometimes quicker), you will receive our SEO and PPC audits, our feedback for current campaigns, and your digital marketing plan.

We’ll start building your campaigns after your review and approval and will be ready to launch as we head into the second month of our relationship.

instructing pure marketing group

Step Five – KPI’s and Goal Setting

Any digital marketing agency should be highly focused on measurable outcomes. What short-term and long-term objectives do you want to achieve, and what KPIs are we going to use to measure their achievement? Also, just as important, is how are these priorities and KPIs related to wider companies’ goals? Are you concentrating on creating awareness of your brand? Creating leads? Or both?

instructing pure marketing group

Step Six – Integration Of Systems

You will have existing strategies and systems, as do we. We will work together at this critical point to ensure that everything is correctly integrated and that the right people have access to the right resources. This guarantees that we can execute our strategy and track and report on results accurately.

A list of accounts and systems which we require access to will be collated by your Account Representative. This includes things like your Google Ads, Analytics, Search Console dashboards, marketing automation software, etc.

Depending on the service level agreement when instructing Pure Marketing Group, We may need to coordinate with your suppliers, like website developers or CRM providers. If we need to speak with anybody to ensure a smooth integration, we’ll let you know.

instructing pure marketing group

Step Seven – Launching Campaigns

The audit is complete, all systems are integrated and approval of the strategies is granted. The moment you’ve been waiting for is now; it’s time for all the campaigns to start!

Usually, the new campaigns are introduced around day 31-40.

instructing pure marketing group

Step Eight – Monitor, Measure, Improve

It is nice to launch campaigns, but it is just the first step. An integral aspect of effective digital marketing initiatives is continuous improvement. We don’t just launch campaigns and forget about them. We track the success of your campaigns closely, communicate feedback to you, and change the campaigns to ensure that we meet your strategic goals.
This does not only happen once or twice; it is an important part of our process and during our relationship, it will continue.

We not only track your campaigns closely, but we keep a close eye on the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. We respond quickly to updates to Google algorithms and developments in digital media and ensure that your campaigns comply with best practices and continue to deliver great results.

Campaign Optimisation

At regular intervals, Pure Marketing provides campaign reports. You can expect, based on your service level agreement (SLA):

Weekly campaign updates
Monthly reports
Quarterly strategy review sessions
Quarterly strategy plans

If at any time you feel things aren’t working or if you want to discuss a new approach, you can reach out to your account executive.

Key considerations when engaging a
Digital Marketing Agency

It’s important to keep a few things in mind, no matter which digital marketing agency you decide to work with. Why did you decide in the first place to make the change? Is it that you don’t have enough in-house resources to carry it out in-house? Or did you maybe have a deal with another marketing agency and the partnership has become acrimonious or difficult? Understanding why you want to move agency can help you prepare for a smoother transition to the new digital marketing agency.

Here are a few items to look for during Agency Onboarding:

Communication and transparency
Focus on measurable results (including how, specifically, to get there)
Accommodation and collaboration, not “my way or the highway”
Monitoring, measure, improve (accountability)

Upon instructing Pure Marketing Group, we encourage you to revisit the agency onboarding timeline that we have supplied, sample items from the checklist, and things to look out for as you begin this important transition. 

A high-level overview of the onboarding process is given in this blog post. You can download our complete guide for more information. In it, we share sample checklists, common system integrations, and discuss how to migrate the current campaigns to ensure that lead acquisition does not dip. Download the full guide using the form below.

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