Do Dentists Really Need A Marketing Agency?

Will You Benefit From A Marketing Agency
Will They Really Increase Your Patient Volumes

Do Dentists Really Need a Marketing Agency?

If you feel that you could use more patients but still rely on traditional methods, then it’s time to embrace digital marketing for your dental practice. Let’s take a look at the benefits of dentist marketing to help grow your practice.

Dentists Marketing Brings Quicker Results – In today’s landscape, dental marketing is a multi-channel, multi-pronged approach. It’s best to reach prospective patients using as many advertising channels as possible.

Sure, traditional marketing methods such as radio, television, and print can help increase awareness about your practice within the community. However, you’re paying good money to reach thousands of people when only a very few of them are actually looking for a dentist.

Basically, you’re paying for increasing brand awareness (not necessarily a bad thing) instead of getting new patients.
On the flip side, if you use a digital marketing method like paid search, you’re paying just enough to reach one person at a time. For example, if you bid on phrases like “dentist in (location)”, you’re targeting users who are likely to become patients. Compared to traditional marketing, dental marketing brings in quicker revenue.

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Marketing Strategy

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Qualified Leads

Dentists Marketing Targets Patients When It Matters – Traditional offline marketing is a blanketed approach that has little to no targeting or relevance. One of the most notable drawbacks of traditional advertising is that you can’t customise your message for your preferred targets. As a result, you’ll reach people who aren’t patients and currently not looking for a dentist.

Traditional marketing methods don’t give you much wiggle room to customise your message based on your target audience.

On the other hand, a solid digital marketing plan enables you to target potential, current, and former patients – using the right message and marketing channels. Below are some of the few digital marketing strategies for reaching potential patients when it matters:

You can use Pay Per Click or PPC to target users who are actively searching for dentists in your area.
You can use Facebook Ads to reach potential patients within your local area.
You can use social media and email marketing to inform patients about new services or reminding them about their regular dental checkups.
You can use social media to share useful high-quality content about dental health and project yourself as an expert.

These are just some of the digital marketing strategies you can use to grow your dental practice and acquire new patients.

Dentists Marketing Provides Measurable Results – Traditional dental marketing methods like running newspaper ads or using the radio is a lot trickier than you can imagine because there’s no real way to tell how many people you’ve reached. Therefore, it’s a lot more difficult to measure the effectiveness of these methods.

Am I reaching enough people? Which aspects of my campaign should I improve for better results?

Fortunately, you won’t have this kind of problem with digital dental marketing.

Conversely, the success and performance of your digital marketing efforts are very easy to monitor – thanks to the wide range of tracking tools available. For example in a PPC campaign, as soon as a user clicks on your ad and visits your website, you’ll know it. With the tracking tools, you can view statistics like website traffic, referral source, the device they’re using, and many others.

Digital marketing allows you to stay on top of your advertising campaigns. If you’re doing well, you can carry on with your methods or maybe even scale the campaign. If you’re not doing so well, you can tweak or make adjustments to your campaign to achieve better results.

Digital Dentists Marketing Builds Stronger Relationships – Your team’s efficiency and professional skills alone can’t ensure that your patients are satisfied with your practice and services. In today’s competitive dentistry environment, you and your team should actively engage and cater to patients.

One of the best digital marketing strategies that a dental professional can use is Content Marketing. By putting out high-quality blog posts, articles, e-books, and ad copy, you can build meaningful relationships with potential and current patients. Through content marketing, you’re offering value to your patients by answering their questions and providing useful information.

Another strategy that you can use is social media marketing. Through social media like Twitter and Facebook, you have an excellent channel to reach out and engage potential patients or build stronger relationships with current ones. You and your team are staying in touch and generating conversation – a great way to be at the forefront of your patients’ minds. Finally, you’re also building a better first impression once they find you.

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Update

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Ranking your website

Digital Dentists Marketing Allows You to Acquire and Nurture Leads – Going back to our radio station example earlier, there’s a certain audience segment that you can target with digital marketing: people who are interested in getting dental services but haven’t shopped for a dental professional yet.

Right now, there should be people in your local area who are thinking of getting a teeth whitening or straightening service. Or maybe, there are a few individuals who are planning to get permanent implants. Perhaps, some folks want to put a stop to their occasional toothaches. These potential patients are researching the web for answers to their concerns. However, consulting with a dentist is not on their minds yet.

With dental marketing, you can target these potential patients and nudge them into setting up an appointment with your dental office.

For example, you can write an article about tooth whitening procedure and how it works, and it will receive traffic from people looking for such information. With a well-placed link or contact details, that visit could turn into an appointment.

Marketing Changes at the Speed of Light.

You Need an Agile Partner to Guide You. You Need Pure Marketing

Pure has continuously been recognised as one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies, and it’s because of our ability to deliver results each and every time.

It starts with getting to know our clients as the partners that they are. From there, we work hard to develop short-term and long-term strategies that are proven to work with your target market.

But, of course, trends, audiences, and industries constantly change. The reason we’ve been so successful – the reason our clients have enjoyed tremendous success, is because of our uncanny ability to adapt to these changes.

We’re passionate about the work we do with our clients in the dental industry. What you do is important, and deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

Whether you run a single clinic or hundreds, you’ll soon discover that Pure Marketing knows how to work with your team to grow your brand, lower your spend, and increase the number of patients who rely on you for their needs.

Dentists Marketing

01, Do Dentists Really Need A Marketing Agency

Dentists Marketing

Pure Marketing - Dentists Marketing

Engaging Patients
Whilst Reducing Costs

Driven by data, and guided by ingenuity, Pure Marketing delivers unparalleled results for dental professionals and multi-location clinics looking to bring in more patients at a lower cost per lead.

From developing a responsive website built for conversions to managing your day-to-day marketing needs, we’ve helped some of the largest names in the industry reach, and exceed their goals.

Dentists Marketing Services
Designed To Target High Value Patients

We fully understand the unique needs that multi-location dental clinics face as they look to target local prospects, particularly when it comes to accurate reporting and strategy deployment. When we take on clients, we are shocked at the limiting technologies that existed to meet their marketing needs.

Dentists Marketing

Pure Marketing - Dentists Marketing 2

Dentists Marketing

02, Do Dentists Really Need A Marketing Agency

Dentists Marketing

Unique Technology Customised To
Help Grow Dental Practices

Due to the limited technology that existed to help market and report back to a multi-location dental clinic on patient growth, we decided to develop our own. The result is a proprietary reporting platform, custom-made for the medical community – that allows us to share reports for each individual location, rather than at the corporate level like most other platforms do.

A Website Made For Growth

A website made for growth- We’ll design and develop (or enhance) your website so that it’s patient-focused, SEO friendly, fully responsive, and built around your core marketing goals. Best yet – your site will be fully scalable and adaptable as your needs evolve.

Dentists Marketing

03, Do Dentists Really Need A Marketing Agency

Dentists Marketing

04, Do Dentists Really Need A Marketing Agency

SEO and Paid Search Experts

Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. SEO alone won’t do the trick. Neither will PPC. That’s why we do everything in-house, to ensure your message reaches the people who matter most.

Solid Reputation Management

People using the dental industry are particularly susceptible to bad reviews. Our team monitors all brand (and dentist) mentions to protect your company and establishes strategies to grow your positive reviews across the web.

Dentists Marketing

05, Do Dentists Really Need A Marketing Agency

Dentists Marketing

Pure Marketing - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Healthcare Marketing Agency


Everything we do is focused on brand growth. Each strategy we implement is then fully analysed and picked apart so that the next idea we bring to fruition performs even better.

5 Reasons to Work With
Pure Marketing a Your Dental Marketing Agency

So you’ve decided to partner with a Dental digital marketing agency but not sure where to start.
Choosing a Dental digital marketing agency is never easy so here are several key areas to help you make the right choice.

Dentists Are Not Consistent Marketers

Many dental practices miss out on 80% of new patients because they’re unable to market consistently. Everybody needs a dentist but not everybody needs a dental professional right now. With marketing through local TV, radio, press, or direct mail, etc. you might get one or two patients but if you’re not marketing consistently, that’s it for you!

If you want a steady stream of new patients, a consistent marketing plan is a must. Many dental practices who chose to do their marketing on their own ran their campaigns on an “as needed” or seasonal basis. Again, if you want to steadily acquire new patients, your marketing campaigns should be running all year round.

A dental marketing agency has the team and resources to stay on top and track all of your marketing channels, all year round. This enables you to save valuable time that’s best spent on develop your practice and serve your patients. Plus, a digital marketing agency can also help with inbound marketing and target potential patients including those who don’t need dental services right away.

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Choosing a Marketing Agency

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Patient Experience

Dental Marketing Experts That Speak Your Language

The best dental marketing agency can speak your language as a dental professional. It’s the agency’s job to know exactly what you’re talking about. The agency is keen on knowing the ins and outs of your dental practice. The agency knows what services you offer, their benefits and drawbacks, how to engage prospective patients, and get them to contact you.

This is the main reason why you shouldn’t work with just any marketing agency that you can find. You need to work with an agency that has the right marketing skill set for dental practices. With their dental marketing expertise, the agency can drive deep into what works and leverage the successes of previous clients and turn then into your successes.

Also, the track record of the agency has to be considered to ensure the success of your campaign. A good dental marketing agency has no shortage of quality references from healthcare companies who have used them in the past. If the company has worked on a larger dental practice with great success, then you can take it as a positive sign. But then again, you have to remember that every dental office’s needs can vary from one to the next.

Helps You Target the Right Audience

One of the most common complaints we hear from dental practices is that they seem unable to market to the right patients. There are numerous reasons why this is the case. One, dental practitioners are in the healthcare industry – one of the most competitive fields out there. Many simply assume that patients will simply come to whichever dental practice is closer to their home.

It might use to be that way but as pointed out previously, the dental industry is now more competitive than ever. As it stands today, there are now 6 times more dental practices when compared to half a century ago. This is obviously good for the patients because the more options, the better. Therefore, for dental practices, they need to come up with a marketing message that targets the right audience. A one-size-fits-all advertising strategy simply won’t cut it.

A dental marketing agency like Pure can help you target the right patients including existing patients, those who are searching for a dentist “near” them, those who are reading about dental health, and many others. It’s about coming up with the right marketing message. Working with an agency, you’ll know just who to market and how.

Up-To-Date With the Latest Dental Marketing Trends

If you have an in-house dental marketing team, having the latest and greatest software and databases is a must to ensure effective and efficient operation. If you’re behind in your marketing software and apps, you’re holding your in-house marketing team back.

One of the best reasons to work with Pure as your dental marketing agency is that we’re updated on all the digital marketing news and trends – whether it’s search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search, web design, landing page optimisation, social media advertising, and many others. An agency can also scale its tools to suit your dental marketing needs.

In addition, trends, audiences, and industries are always changing. The strategies that are working now may easily become obsolete in the coming months or the next year. A dental marketing agency’s job is to stay on top of the things that work in order to grow your practice.

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Return On Investment

Dentists Marketing

06, Dentist Marketing Agency - Pure Marketing

Personalised Approach

As you may know, dentists are very detail-oriented. Agencies that specialise in dental marketing are aware of this which is why they can work with all personalities and develop their processes to cater to the client’s preferences and personalities.

A dental marketing agency has seen it all.

A good digital marketing agency knows dentistry and you can leverage their expertise and experience to reach as many ideal patients as possible. Plus, the agency understands the life of a healthcare provider and has the flexibility to work around your schedule.

We understand that dentistry is a unique industry, even among other healthcare fields. Therefore, it’s always an advantage to work with a company that understands its nuances. A specialised agency like Pure Marketing understands what patients want, what dental procedures and technologies mean, how to market a healthcare service, and develop strategies to convert your marketing budget into a positive ROI.

Why partner with Pure
As Your Dentists Marketing Agency

Now that you know the benefits of working with a dedicated dental marketing agency, why should you choose Pure’s brand of dental marketing? Here are the advantages that clients of Pure Dental Marketing can expect:

Dental Website That Perform

Your website is the central hub for your practice and all other forms of your marketing, so it needs to be done right. If you want an archaic, template-based website, you’re in the wrong place. However, if you want a customised website that’s SEO-friendly, scalable, fast loading, optimised for mobile, with social media integration, and more, Pure can definitely help you!

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Audit

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Doctors Search Engine Optimisation

Utilise Our Team of Dental Marketing Experts

From SEO to social media advertising to paid search, we have a team of experts that will cover all your digital marketing requirements. Whether you run one dental clinic or multiple locations, our team of marketing experts will take care of your medical marketing needs.

Reliable Reputation Management

The Medical industry ranks 3rd in the top industries for online reviews. Considering how susceptible dental practices are too bad reviews, you’ll need a reliable reputation management team on your side. Pure’s reputation management efforts are focused on improving the overall picture of reviews of your dental practice that you can see online. Plus, we offer full-service social media management services to help you gain patient leads and conversions.

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Performance

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing

Proprietary Reporting Technology

While there are numerous tools for marketing and reporting to a multi-location dental clinic about patient growth, most of them are limited. Therefore, we at Pure have decided to develop a proprietary reporting platform, a custom reporting application for the medical industry. This enables us to provide reports for each individual clinic locations, instead of a general, corporate-level reporting like most other platforms.

Dental Content Marketing

When it comes to dental practices, most people learn about a clinic through the content they publish online rather than straight-up ads. With Pure Marketing, we’ll bring your dental content marketing plan up to speed. Content marketing is key for capturing and keeping the attention of potential patients. Your Pures specialist will write custom content for your blogs – all of which are high-quality, engaging, and informative.

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Pay Per Click Marketing

Dentists Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Reputation Management

Best Value for Your Dentists Marketing Pound

In the world of digital marketing, going the route of cheap is never advisable. We can’t answer questions about how expensive Pure’s dental marketing plan is, simply because everyone’s needs are different. However, we’ll listen to your marketing needs and determine your budget – we can start from there. Most importantly, Pure’s marketing brand is all about making the most out of your budget with strategies that drive results.

If the above points sound good to you, we’d love to work on your dental marketing project. Contact us if you are ready to grow your practice. We’ll talk about your advertising plans and we will develop strategies that will help you consistently get new patients.

Frequently Asked Questions
Pure’s Dentist Marketing Services

Do Dental Practices really need Digital Marketing?

To attract new patients and grow your dental practice, new and existing patients need to be able to find you on the internet. This is true if you have one location or many, a small practice or a large network. The thing is, the ways that your target audience look for dentists online is rapidly changing. Voice assistants. Local search. The rise of new and advanced mobile experiences. Keeping up and keeping your business digitally optimised can be a challenge.

It can also be the difference between a patient finding you or finding one of your competitors in the area. This is where a digital marketing agency with experience in the dental and medical fields can step in and help generate leads, foot traffic, appointments and paying patients.

Contact Us for a free review of your digital marketing

How do Pure do dentist marketing?

You might have heard of the common marketing strategies, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, and digital advertising. These are important parts of any broader marketing strategy. Yet, at Pure we also offer in-depth content marketing, paid media, and reputation management services that take dentist marketing to the next level.

How is your website performing? Are you generating enough positive reviews? How are you measuring and reporting on your marketing KPIs? Ours is a transparent and comprehensive approach tailored specifically to dentists. Learn more about our dentist marketing services.

Can you fix my website? Does a website really matter for Dentists?

A well-optimised website full of well-organised, relevant, and valuable content is essential to any business, including dental practices. It’s a foundational part of your digital presence, one that impacts the ability of patients finding you, learning about you, and ultimately doing business with you.

Many dental practices come to us with outdated sites, neglected sites, or even no websites at all. Sometimes, things have just gotten tangled and messy, and they need someone to step in and clean it all up. That’s where we come in: after a comprehensive audit, we’ll lay out a tailored strategy for updating and maintaining your website so that it represents your business well and attracts new patients.

How much does Dentist Marketing really cost?

We don’t like giving non-answers, but the answer to this question really is “it depends.” That’s because there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to dentist marketing—nor should there be. What makes sense for a larger dental practice in a city might not work for a small to medium-sized practice in the country.

What we can promise you is that, in the world of digital marketing, it doesn’t pay to hire cheap agencies just because they’re cheap. Our team will listen to your project, respect your budget, and provide an accurate, fair price for digital marketing services. More importantly, we’ll make sure that you get the most value for money in the form of efficient strategies that drives real results.

What is cost per conversion and why is it so important to my dental practice?

Speaking of budget and cost efficiency, have you looked at your cost per conversion lately? Your cost per conversion measures how expensive it is for you to generate an inbound conversion (appointment, new patient, surgery booking, and so on).

Your cost per conversion will include any cost that went into making that conversion happen. Social media advertising and PPC budget are good examples, but there are others you might not have considered. Optimising cost per conversion for dental practices can provide huge efficiency gains and cost savings. The trick is understanding which campaigns generate the highest returns and which, unfortunately, do not. See how we can decrease the cost per conversion for Dental Works.