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Grow Your Surgery with Innovative Digital Marketing

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Whilst Reducing Costs

According to a recent health study, more than 100 million people searched Google to research health-related information in the UK in the last 12-months. When consumers have questions regarding their health and well-being, they go online for answers instead of consulting with a medical professional – that’s also true when they look for healthcare providers.

When it comes to digital marketing, many healthcare providers believe that they’re behind the curve in comparison to other industries. Nevertheless, many healthcare providers are diversifying their online marketing strategies.

Can you say the same for your surgical practice?

If you’re looking to take your surgeon marketing to the next level, you should consider working with a reputable digital marketing agency. Pure Marketing is an industry leader providing marketing for surgeons. We’ll give your marketing campaign the much-needed boost and help you acquire more patients.

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Marketing for Surgeons

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Marketing for Surgeons

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Here are a few ways we can help your
healthcare company to grow

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Attract Patients

Pure Marketing Group can establish
strategies for attracting new patients

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Patient Engagement

Promote better patient engagement through
the use of continued healthcare digital marketing

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness through utilising healthcare
digital marketing including social media and pay per click

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing - Reputation Management

We all know you cannot please every patient Pure
Marketing provides positive reputation management

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing Increase

By introducing partnering programmes Pure
Marketing can increase Clinician referrals

Pure - Healthcare Digital Marketing Community

Pure Marketing Group can help you establish
your clinic as a community clinical leader

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Marketing for Surgeons

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Signs Your Surgeon Marketing
Strategy Is Not Performing

There’s nothing worse than investing in a marketing strategy and then a few months down the line, you find out that it’s not paying off. Here are some signs your digital marketing isn’t working and it’s time for a change.

Conversion Rate is Stagnant or Decreasing – Perhaps the most obvious sign that your digital marketing plan isn’t working is stagnant or decreasing conversions. If you’re not generating more leads and getting new patients as a result of your marketing campaign, you have every reason to question whether your efforts are worth it or not.

It’s even more frustrating if you’re getting plenty of engagements but the results are simply not there. Low conversion rates can be attributed to many things but the most likely reason is that your marketing channels lack conversion rate optimisation.

There’s a good chance that your visitors are having a hard time navigating your conversion funnels or they’re not finding them at all. With conversion rate optimisation (CRO), you can streamline your conversion funnels and provide a better user experience to increase your conversion rates.

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Marketing Strategy

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Qualified Leads

Pulling In the Wrong Audience – Another sign that your marketing campaign needs an overhaul is if you’re only attracting low-quality leads. Just being able to generate leads isn’t enough because not all leads are created equal. If your marketing for surgeon campaign doesn’t attract the right audience, you’re wasting time and money. The quality of your visitors is crucial because a mere 10% increase in lead quality can potentially result in a 40% revenue increase.

The quality of leads measures how likely a lead becomes a conversion. A lead refers to the information you’ve acquired from users that have interacted with your practice. This is why you need to ensure that your marketing plan focuses on conversions and targets the right audience. Attracting the wrong audience leads to higher bounce rates and increased marketing costs.

Having No Strategy – There’s no winning in digital marketing without a proper strategy. Many healthcare providers think that they have a strategy but if the execution is wrong, they’re doing more harm than good. Although no strategy can work to some extent, you should be paying attention to the strategies you’re doing – things that are costing you good money.

Here are some of the most common marketing errors that healthcare providers make:

1. Spending money on pay-per-click (PPC) without tracking or optimisation.
2. Engaging in a marketing strategy and spending the budget without a clear goal.
3. Failure to develop a healthcare brand for their practice and unable to build brand awareness using a consistent trademark.
4. Going down the DIY approach without sufficient knowledge and proficiency, and wasting marketing money in the process.
Unless you already have a skilled in-house digital marketing team, partnering with a professional advertising agency like Pure is your safest option.

Severely Outdated Website – When was the last time you’ve audited your Surgeon website? Your website represents your practice and it’s essentially your brand. In most cases, the very first thing potential patients will see when searching for your practice is your website. At that moment, you need to make a good first impression towards your visitors.

When visitors arrive on your website, you have 3-4 seconds to make a good impression. If your website is poorly designed and structured, visitors will just leave and go to a competitor.

A sound digital marketing campaign includes website optimisation. From web design to website copy, these are the steps that will make your website look beautiful and can provide the user with a good experience.

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Update

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Ranking your website

Website Isn’t On The First Page – Did you know that only 25% of users are compelled to browse beyond the first page of the search results? If your Surgeon website isn’t on the first page for your targeted keywords, it’s obvious that you could use a strong SEO strategy.

With good SEO implementation, you’ll receive benefits like stronger quality backlinks, on-page optimisation, improved content strategy, and higher search engine rankings. SEO does require a good amount of time and maintenance but it’s more than worth it.

Overall, SEO will increase your search engine rankings which can lead to benefits like increased brand awareness, better quality leads, increased traffic, and higher patient acquisition.

How to choose a
Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

So you’ve decided to partner with a healthcare digital marketing agency but not sure where to start.
Choosing a digital marketing agency is never easy so here are several key areas to help you make the right choice.

We Will Provide A Unique Insight In to Your Practice

A digital marketing agency like Pure that specialises in marketing for surgeons has the knowledge and expertise about your industry. A professional healthcare advertising agency isn’t just proficient with digital marketing, they also understand the medical space – including matters like the Patient journey, healthcare laws, and Physician competition.

The healthcare marketing industry requires a unique approach and knowledge to be successful. Therefore, you can just hire a marketing partner and be done with it. Market insight is one of the best things a Surgeon Marketing Agency can offer for your practice.

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Choosing a Marketing Agency

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Marketing for Surgeons 2

Understanding the Patients Journey

In just about every healthcare workflow, customers are always at the center of the patient-provider interaction. As a healthcare provider, it’s your duty to keep up with patient needs and that requires a unified brand experience and to establish trust.

If an agency understands the importance of the Patient journey, they can help you be in control of your online presence. They’ll know exactly how to build your healthcare brand and how to present it to your ideal consumers. Furthermore, the agency can also ensure that your online presence and real-life Patient experience have a seamless connection. This helps with finding new Patients while retaining the current ones.

Knowledge of Surgeon Marketing Channels

The main goal of any Surgeon Marketing Agency is to enhance the Clinic’s reputations, attract new patients, and improve overall Practice success. Using customised strategies and data-driven solutions, a reputable agency can drive the results that you want. Having said that, not all marketing channels are effective for healthcare providers. A professional surgeon marketing agency knows from experience and data which channels are best suited for your speciality. Here are some of the most common channels that a marketing agency can use to cultivate new business for surgeons, just to name a few:

– Social media marketing
– Content marketing
– Healthcare SEO
– Web design and branding
– Conversion rate optimisation
– Video marketing
– Pay-per-click advertising
– Programmatic display
– Analytics and reporting

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Return On Investment

Marketing For Surgeons
Done Right
From Pure Marketing Group

Whether you’re a Plastic Surgeon, a Neurosurgeon, or a General Practitioner, Pure Marketing can help grow your Clinic. Here’s what our clients can expect from Pure’s brand of Marketing For Surgeons:

Full Medical Website Audit

Right out of the gate, we’ll perform a full audit of your healthcare website. Pure is a data-driven marketing agency and we like to know what we’re dealing with. We’ll evaluate your traffic, SEO performance, current strategies, and more. A full audit helps us create a fully customised campaign for you.

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Audit

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Marketing for Surgeons

Consistent monitoring is required when running an SEO campaign. If you don’t have the time and resources to keep track of your SEO efforts, we’ll gladly do it for you. We’ll get your website on the first page of Google to enhance patient acquisition and receive better returns.

Are you proud of your website? Does it do a good job of generating leads and conversions? Pure Marketings has a team of talented web designers and CRO experts that will push your website to its fullest potential.

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Website Performance

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing

With the help of our social media team, we’ll leverage the power of social media platforms like Facebook to engage and influence your patients.

If you prefer quicker results, we offer paid media services for platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and so on. Regardless of your budget, our PPC team will ensure that you make the most out of your advertising budget.

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Pay Per Click Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing - Reputation Management

It’s hard to grow your practice when you’re faced with negative press and unfavourable reviews. We know the importance of your reputation for building your healthcare brand. Our reviews and management services will highlight your organisation’s strengths and improve your local reputation.