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At Pure Marketing, we don’t pretend to be the one and only option for every industry and niche market out there, but we do take a lot of pride in the experience and marketing expertise we have built up over the years .

That’s impossible. Instead, we believe in focusing on the specific industries where we know we can deliver results for our clients utilising our marketing expertise. That’s why, from the beginning, Pure Marketing has been dedicated to helping companies and brands in the healthcare, tradespeople, leisure and tourism, and manufacturing industries.

Pure Marketing Group works with leading brands and prospering small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) across many sectors, delivering fully managed marketing services and a great return on investment (ROI). We understand the true value of a campaign comes from building your brand and increasing leads and revenue to hit targets using our marketing expertise.


The healthcare industry is facing a seismic shift as it propels full-speed ahead toward a consumer-driven system.

To make things even more challenging, healthcare companies not only have to grapple with ever-changing legislation, but they must do so while trying to integrate a cultural push toward big data and mobile technology.

The face of healthcare has changed forever. Today’s healthcare system is a consumer-based entity, and healthcare providers must shift their mindsets to that of retailers and embrace a healthcare digital marketing strategy.

Pure Marketing is experienced in healthcare marketing. We can help you make that mental shift. We provide you with marketing expertise to develop a patient-centred strategy for your clinic. Our marketing expertise will result in greater patient engagement, higher customer satisfaction, better patient care, and lower overall costs related to marketing.

Trade Services

With 60 percent of people finding tradespeople online, building a highly visible web presence is critical to the success of your business. From the plumbing, painting and decorating, HVAC, Roofing, Carpentry or the Electrical industry, using our marketing expertise, Pure Marketing Group can take your digital marketing and SEO to the next level.

We understand the competitive landscape and know what it takes to drive bottom-line growth online for your business and our team has specialists with years of marketing experience in your particular line of work.

Your business is specialised and your digital marketing strategy should be, too. We’ll assign dedicated account managers and marketing specialists based on their experience within your specific industry, using our marketing expertise to make sure we deliver the best results in the shortest time frame possible.

Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure

Pure Marketing Groups team enjoy a long and fruitful history providing marketing expertise to leisure sector brands, helping them profit from new markets they wouldn’t have usually been able to reach and monetise. Our extensive knowledge of how leisure, tourism and entertainment markets think and our ability to generate increased traffic and online sales have made us a highly sought-after marketing partner. We believe our history of generating increased revenue for leisure brands means we are better placed than most general marketing companies to help your business achieve ongoing online growth.

Due to ever-increasing competition in the leisure sector, it can be a tough market for established brands to operate in, let alone for new businesses to penetrate and profit from. This means those that offer leisure services and products have to work harder, and indeed smarter, in order to claim a larger share of the market. However, because more and more people use the internet to find and buy leisure products, the number of opportunities is increasing all the time and using our marketing expertise, we would like to help you to take advantage of those opportunities.

Our ability to design bespoke digital marketing campaigns that not only increase targeted traffic to their websites but also convert more of that traffic into loyal, repeat customers is complemented by our ongoing focus on keeping you the customer at the centre of everything we do. It is by understanding your needs and goals, your products and your market and then applying this to the online marketing methods we know generates results, that we are the first choice for many brands in the leisure, tourism and entertainment sectors.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Over the past few years, digital technologies have revolutionised the way many industries reach their target audiences and interact with their customers. Nevertheless, manufacturing businesses have been slower to adapt and are only recently starting to engage with marketing agencies to find out what these emerging technologies could enable them.

Pure Marketing has seen several key trends emerge through working with manufacturing and engineering companies over the past few years. These point to some of the key reasons companies are seeking out third party agencies to help with their marketing strategies using their marketing expertise to make them more visible and accessible.

As industrial manufacturing has been late to the game with regards to digital marketing techniques. While other industries have quickly shifted to online channels, building websites and leveraging social media channels, many manufacturers are only just starting to experiment.

We find most manufacturing companies don’t have the marketing expertise in house to run digital marketing campaigns and are therefore seeking support from a manufacturing marketing agency who can guide them through the process. We are fully transparent with our customers and not only craft the strategy for them, but talk them through the approach and help to get them up to speed.

Brexit has caused a great deal of uncertainty in the UK, and many manufacturers, in particular, are cautious about how their business will be impacted. This has led them to explore new ways to fuel their growth, such as finding new channels to reach their target audience.

One new model that manufacturers are increasingly exploring is the shift away from purely B2B relationships and towards B2C products or services. Digital marketing has made this easier than ever, enabling manufacturers to launch e-commerce platforms and interact directly with retail customers.

A combination of these factors is driving interest in digital marketing techniques, with manufacturers questioning how they can benefit from these technologies and what new opportunities they will create for them.

If you’d like more information or a conversation about how Pure Marketing expertise could become your preferred manufacturing marketing agency, get in touch here.

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